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$147AUD $297

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"You either control your mind or it controls you" - Napoleon Hill

 Learn to Manage Your Thoughts and Emotions (for Teens & Tweens)

"Mind Advantage Will Teach Your Teen

How To Manage Their Thoughts & Emotions

And Live More Confidently"

"Mind Advantage Will Teach Your Teen How To Manage Their Thoughts & Emotions And Live More Confidently"


"We Will Teach Your Teen The Science Behind Their Anxiety And Unhelpful Thoughts & Emotions And Give Them The Tools To Increase Their Confidence And Happiness"

Your teen is going through a challenging stage of life.  It's likely that their confidence is shaky, their emotions are out of control and they need to learn what is going on with their body and their mind.

Their struggles are difficult for them and the whole family. You want to help them but you may be finding it hard to keep calm yourself or you may not quite know how to help or what advice to give (that they will listen to).

We are proud to introduce you to the solution.  Our Mind Advantage program will teach your tween/teen the science behind their anxiety, anger or sadness. It will give them practical tools that they can use every day to train their mind and body to be more calm - leading to more confidence and happiness.

We passionately believe that everyone needs the strategies in this course and will be changed forever as a result. Parents also benefit personally if they choose to do the program.

Mind Advantage is an online course which is available at any time. They can watch it in their PJs!!

You will receive an email link to login approximately 15 minutes after registration.

Please note: We offer home and school licences for Mind Advantage.

Introducing Mind Advantage Online

🤩 Mind Advantage is an incredible program which will help your teen conquer anxiety, decrease the level of anger/sadness that they experience and give them a HUGE confidence boost.

😀 It teaches them to focus on the present moment, rather than being obsessed with the past or worrying about future events. Mind Advantage also gives teens a memorable formula to use when things go wrong which they can use in ANY situation. 

😀 Mind Advantage includes a range of breathing tools, calming techniques and advanced attention and awareness strategies which will help your teen reduce their stress and anxiety (and yours). 

A sneak peek Into the course

Mind Advantage teaches

strategies for being calmer before special events and explains what teens can do if they are already feeling upset 

So, How Do You Help Your tween/teen Overcome Excessive Anxiety, Anger Or Sadness??

"We Can Help."
 Joelene Lavrick, B.A (Psych), GradDipEd & 
Abbey Piggott BExHSc, GdipEd, GDipCoach

Joelene has taught over 30 thousand children across 141 countries how to interrupt negative thoughts and emotions like anxiety, anger and sadness with outstanding feedback from parents in the Mind Ninja online course (scroll down for the reviews). 

With a B.A in Psychology and after being a teacher for 20 years, Joelene's main passion was ALWAYS to make sure that children knew how special they were and that they KNEW that how they feel MATTERS.

After struggling for 35 years of her own life with horrible feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness and low confidence; she discovered that it didn't have to be that way. There is a better way and it can be taught.

When Joelene was asked to create a course for teens, she invited the incredible Stress & Anxiety Coach, Abbey Piggott, to help bring the course to life. 

Abbey is also a teacher of over a decade with multiple qualifications in positive mental health development. She easily connects with tweens and teens with her entertaining, scientific approach along with her bubbly personality.

She is so excited to share her research and tools that teens can use when facing the challenges in their lives, especially if these involve anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

The Life Lessons Global programs have been featured in several television, podcast and radio broadcasts, as well as reaching the semi-finals in the Curtin University, Teaching Excellence Awards in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Abbey and Joelene have held workshops for thousands of children, parents and educators with astounding feedback from participants.

The strategies presented have also been very effective for children on the Autism Spectrum, helping children to reframe thoughts when feeling anxious and helping them to challenge some of the rigidity in thinking patterns. 

A Sneak Peek To What Other People Are Saying

As Featured on GWN7 News

Life Lessons Global: What Are Teachers Saying?

Sometimes Teens Seem Programmed Not To Listen 
 To Their Parents...

👪  "It's the parents' job to teach children to manage emotions and be resilient..that was a comment I once received on a facebook post BUT I don't completely believe that is true...because teens often do not listen to their parents on these matters. My own daughter listens to her teachers way more than she listens to me, so we need help with these things.

🚸 Mind Advantage will teach your teen the value of who they are, the importance of forgiveness and gratitute, how to deal with the hard times in life, whether they are finding school work difficult or others are being nasty at school (or maybe it's their own self doubting thoughts that need to be improved using Mind Advantage).

Teens doubt themselves so much as they get older and even though, as parents, we do tell our kids how special they are and how to cope with difficult situations; it's not always easy to get our own kids to listen to our advice (even when it's REALLLLLY good advice). Teens can grow up to be anxious/angry adults if they don't believe the kind words that their parents are telling them (that is what happened to me and it isn't fun). Parents are often shocked when they find out the types of thoughts their own kids are having" Joelene Lavrick.

The #1 Fact Your Teen Needs To Know In Order To Be Happier And More Confident, More Often!

In the years we've spent developing Life Lessons Global, we've learnt that the simple solutions we offer are often not obvious to others. We've found that once kids know a range of strategies to manage their emotions, and understand that the negative opinions of others don't matter; they are so much happier. We're not going to tell your teen that they are more important than other people or that the world revolves around them...BUT...they do need to know that they are EQUALLY AS GOOD as anyone else in this world. This is the #1 fact!

Don't just take our word for it, read our feedback:

Sarah Samuelson

Teacher, Exmouth District High School

"I had been looking for something that would benefit my students to support their emotions in the classroom and playground. My children loved the lessons and activities that are provided in the Life Lessons Global course!

I found myself dealing with less upset children and my students over time became happier within themselves. I loved watching the students realise they really are unique and special. Not only has this benefited my students, but it has also given me a common language to use with my students, parents and other teachers. I can't recommend this course highly enough!"

Please note: We offer home and school licences for Mind Advantage.

Dr. Gemma Foxall

Adjunct Lecturer, Director, ACT For Autism

"I use the strategies with my own daughter and recommend the Life Lessons Global program to my clients. Joelene is one of those teachers who finds a way to connect with each child. Students are drawn to her because she individualises every interaction in a purposeful and positive way. She values every child for who they are, and students seem to sense that.

Joelene has a rare and unique set of skills that enable her to achieve optimum outcomes. Combining these skills with her passion for teaching positive thinking strategies and resiliency skills to produce Life Lessons Global will be an experience I would strongly recommend to any of my clients and friends' children."

Shannon Wright

Principal, Greenfields Primary School

"I attended a Professional Development Workshop by Life Lessons Global with several of my staff at UWA which subsequently led to us inviting Joelene Lavrick to run her Mind Ninja program at our school. The impact of the program was profound with the strategies easily aligning with our whole school approach towards social and emotional development. Students have been able to use the techniques regularly at school to improve confidence and resilience. One particular student, who has had a difficult time regulating emotions, described Joelene as one of the most influential people in her life."

Please note: We offer home and school licences for Mind Advantage.

Module 1

Mind - Body Connection

On completion of Module 1, teens will understand the biological reason for their anxiety or anger. They will learn about the fight or flight response and how it dates back to the cave people. By understanding what is happening in their body and why, your teen will be more aware of their reactions and learn how to manage them more effectively.

Module 2

interactive mind - body demonstrations

Module 2 is the POWER PACK of demonstrating to your teen the incredible influence that their mind has over their body and their reactions in this cool experiment.  

Module 3

your mind is like a muscle

Students will learn that so many interesting studies show that the brain can increase the amount of neurons (brain cells) in particular areas. Teens will learn that they can increase the number of neurons firing in the part of the brain responsible for confidence and emotional regulation using mental rehearsal. 

Module 4

breathing tools

Abbey will teach viewers a range of advanced breathing tools which can be used strategically to refocus and feel more confident. 

Module 5

Calming techniques

Teens will learn a range of interesting calming tools which will help them prevent anxiety and additional strategies for emergency calm down situations.

Module 6

Advanced attention & Awareness tools

Mindfulness Plus!! This module teaches viewers how to take the steering wheel with their own mind and redirect themselves in a positive direction. It provides a set of 5 lessons in self-management, including questioning your thoughts, gratitude and methods for choosing your focus.

Module 7

bonus meditation module

As a bonus, Abbey has included a set of 5 powerful meditations which will bring about long-term change for your teen. Abbey is a qualified hypnotherapist who is experienced in delivering soothing meditations. Her voice is a dream!

Meditation Tracks Include

  • Morning Meditation: This gratitude audio track will help your teen start the day positively so that they can set up a calm, happy tone for the day.
  • Emotional Release Meditation: Perfect for letting go of feelings of anxiety, guilt, sadness or anger so that the listener can continue the day feeling ok.
  • Body Scan Meditation: Brings the listener into the present moment and relaxes their entire body to bring about a blissful relaxation.
  • Confidence Meditation: Overcome the unhelpful, self-doubting thoughts as Abbey guides the listener from negativity to happy confidence.
  • Timeline Tool: Conquer nerves that are experienced in the lead-up to big events with this meditation that extinguishes pre-jitters - perfect for use before starting a new job, a new year at school or public speaking.
Module 8

bonus life lessons with the mind ninja

Miss Lavrick has dedicated her life to kindly teaching kids the hard life lessons that they need to know. This bonus module, designed especially for teens, will help viewers to learn their 3 choices when something goes wrong, explain how to think about those who do not like them, how we need to make progress to be happy, how to handle huge jobs, why they should be grateful towards parents and the most important lesson which is remembering to be kind to yourself and that you are equally as important as anyone else in this world.

All videos are available on demand at any time 15 minutes after registration.

The Teacher of the Teachers

Look at what Just a FEW of The Parents Are Saying!

We Communicate In A Teen-Friendly, Fun And Memorable Way. 

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frequently asked questions

Are there set dates/times or can we do the Mind Advantage program at any time?

Mind Advantage is a self-paced, online course that you can use at any time as long as you have an internet connection.

How do I introduce the Mind Advantage program to my teen/tween?

You know your child best but one suggestion is to take your child somewhere fun and tell them that you have found an incredible course that is going to help them to get whatever they want in life (this is true because once you can manage yourself, you work towards your goals persistently).

What ages is Mind Advantage suitable for?

We officially recommend Mind Advantage for ages 12 plus. However, some families have used the strategies effectively with younger children and even young adults.

Can siblings use the same Mind Advantage program?

Yes, you only need to purchase one copy of the course for siblings to share.

My teen is extremely anxious, can Mind Advantage help?

Yes.  Our strategies have helped thousands of kids who experience severe anxiety.

Can we repeat Mind Advantage?

We are offering lifetime access to Mind Advantage at the moment so you can complete and repeat the course as you wish. 

Can Mind Advantage be purchased anywhere in the world in any currency?

Yes. Once the purchase has been made, it will be converted into your home currency. 

Are there any ongoing charges?

No. Mind Advantage is a one-time payment.

Life Lessons Global

Mission Statement

Life Lessons Global has a single mission at the very heart of everything we do: to develop and enhance the emotional fitness of children. While working and training across the childhood (primary) education and psychology fields for over 20 years, one lesson has always remained constant: when children feel good about themselves and respond to others with kindness, they can achieve great things. It is with passion that we empower children, promote their self-esteem and teach them strategies to improve their emotional health and mind management.

Joelene Lavrick

I have a passion for emotional fitness and social skills. I have always wanted children to be kind to each other and to have confidence in themselves. I understand that children make mistakes and, at times, they need to learn how to be kind to others. I am patient with kids and I believe we must show unconditional respect and forgiveness. Joelene Lavrick, B.A (Psychology), GradDipEd (Primary) Founder, Life Lessons Global.